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Waaaaaayyyy back in 2008 my partner and I could already see the big opportunity of online teaching and digital marketing and so we starting moving his successful in-house training and consultancy business to an online model.

At first we created DVD programs to send out (as not even video streaming was good enough then!) however we could see the power of membership sites and online courses and were excited to discover the original Kajabi in 2010.

But, then we met someone who convinced us that Wordpress and Leadpages was much better.

And they were good... but there were only two of us and we were trying to run our business that included filming programs, delivering live training and events, hosting a podcast, running a mastermind, writing courses etc... and so to be patching together SamCart, LeadPages, Wordpress, Awebber and WebinarJam and all the plugins for all our sales funnels was a lot of work.

So thank goodness, that in 2017 we re-discovered New Kajabi, and breathed a sigh of relief. 


Having everything all in one place immediately made our life easier :)

However, as we were building our business things going on in the background weren’t so good.

My partner’s health was not good and kept slowly getting worse...he kept going as with four kids and being self-employed you don’t have much choice :)

But the business was centered around his expertise and it wasn’t easy... and we went through a fairly long horrible period of stress and financial worry.

You know... the type of days when you wake up and your stomach immediately tightens, your cortisol levels rise and you just get through the day like you are in a bubble without anyone around you knowing what is going on.

In early 2019 it came to a head, and I decided he had to take a break, stop working and focus purely on his health. It was my time to step up. 

I knew Kajabi, digital marketing and particularly what needs to happen to create a successful 'knowledge' or 'expert' business online, so I started working with other entrepreneurs, helping them create their online businesses and I absolutely love it!

The thing about working with digital entrepreneurs is that we all have the same spirit - one about learning, discovery, growth and ambition and I feel so privileged that I get to work with such amazing people. 

I've worked with yoga and fitness teachers, business coaches, career coaches, leadership & transformational businesses, and seen incredible results that have changed lives. 

So here I am. Working on my mission to help Kajabi entrepreneurs achieve success with ease and confidence.


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